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Runic Power Gameplay (January 12th to March 7th):

Players will choose their Rune energy type on Spawn Island. After selecting a rune, the players will get two skills. The Rune Abilities are as follows:

Flame Rune:

  • Summon skill - Summons a wheel of flame that rolls forward slowly, dealing burn damage to enemy players it touches.

  • Boost skill - Adds a burning effect to your Ammo for a short time.

Arctic Rune:

  • Summon skill - Summons an ice wall. Each block of the ice wall can be destroyed separately. When the ice wall appears, it will lift players or vehicles directly above them.

  • Boost skill - Adds a freezing effect to Ammo for a short time. Freezing reduces the effectiveness of healing.

Wind Rune:

  • Summon skill - Summons a semi-transparent shield of wind that reduces the damage of bullets shot from outside the shield.

  • Boost skill - Increases your movement and reload speed.

Power Armor Mode (Launches in EvoGround on February 5th)


  • Teammates can respawn at research stations.

Power Armor

  • Power Armor Chest Piece: Reduces chest damage and increases backpack capacity.

  • Power Armor Arm Piece: Reduces arm damage and increases melee damage.

  • Power Armor Leg Piece: Reduces leg damage and fall damage. Gives a quick dash ability.

  • Assembling the full Power Armor set unlocks its ultimate weapon, the Dragon's Breath Grenade.

Matrix Events

  • Matrix Event 1: Improved regional supply output.

  • Matrix Event 2: Multiple Matrix airdrops and significantly increased supplies in each airdrop.

  • Matrix Event 3: Life Detectors in research stations are activated and can be used to detect surrounding players.

Metro Royale: Honor (From January 12th)

  • The Newest Chapter

  • New Metro Royale Honor System

  • New Solo Mode

  • Metro Royale Improvements

New firearms, new options


  • A new assault rifle that uses 5.56mm Ammo. It can be loaded with 25 rounds, has the fastest Rate of Fire among rifles.

  • The FAMAS can be equipped with a Muzzle (Rifles), Scope, and Mag (Rifles).

  • Only appears in the Livik Classic Battle Royale map.

Game Performance and Other Improvements

Basic performance improvements

  • Improved the loading logic so that backpacks open faster the first time they are opened.

  • Improved the power consumption of high-end iOS devices so that devices are less likely to overheat because of PUBG Mobile.

  • Android users can use the incremental update feature to update game resources, significantly reducing the size of resource downloads needed to start the game.

Security improvements

  • New Security Zone updates waiting for you to discover.

  • Enhanced the detection for auto-aiming, x-ray vision, long-distance jumping, and movement speed hacks.

  • Enhanced detection and protection against unofficial versions of PUBG Mobile client.

Basic Experience Improvements

Sight nodel improvements

  • Improved the Holographic Sight, making the model clearer for players.

  • Improved the model of the 2× Scope to make it more natural.

Skydiving and landing action improvements

  • The landing animation has been improved to better correspond to the speed at which players land.

  • Made the landing process smoother.

Feature to cancel reloading

  • Tap the shoot button when reloading to stop reloading.

Firearm balancing: Bolt Action Sniper Rifle enhancements

  • Increased the damage of the Kar98K and M24.

  • Shortened the interval between shots for the Kar98K and M24.

  • Slightly increased the bolt action speed of the Kar98K and M24.

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